6ft Electric Polyhawk Insert SpreaderMulti-Purpose Material SpreaderMeyer#MEY66076

Popular with contractors and other vocational users, the Polyhawk is powered by your choice of a Honda or Briggs & Stratton gas engines or a dual, 12-volt electric motor. The Polyhawk can even be operated by your vehicle's central hydraulic system. Available in in 6' and 8' lengths, Polyhawks are perfect for spreading bulk materials like rock salt with sand mixed in it.
With the Meyer Polyhawk's two internal and four external baffle adjustment systems, you will place the material in the right place, every time. Whether you want to spread four feet to the left, four feet to the right, or spread a 30-foot pattern, you can easily adjust the spreading pattern to meet your unique demands. In addition, the Polyhawk is engineered to handle virtually any material you can throw at it including salt, sand and salt/sand mix.

Meyer Polyhawks install in almost any pickup truck with 6' or 8' bed. Wireless controllers for gas-driven Polyhawks are standard. This means no wires running underneath your vehicle and no drilling holes in your cab to mount a controller. Simply load your spreader in the back of your truck and you're ready to spread.

  • Construction: Polyethylene
  • Hopper Width: 50
  • Length: 6-feet
  • Max Capacity Load: 1.5 cu yd
  • Operating System: Dual 1/2hp 12V Electric
  • Spreading Material: Sand, Salt Mixed
  • Type: Insert hopper
  • Vehicle: 3/4-to-1 ton pickup trucks
  • Weight: 645 Lbs

Universal Fitment

This product may be universal or not specifically made for your vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product.

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